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Introducing Easterly

Our Pull-About Cart – the first of many Easterly products inspired by adventure and designed to be thoughtfully functional.

OUR STORY ~ Necessity is the mother of invention

Like so many young families, my husband Tom and I became increasingly drawn to the pull of coastal living in a warmer climate and so in 2020 we relocated from Melbourne to Byron Bay with our three young kids – Henry, Philippa and Charlotte.

Naturally, since the move we spend every spare minute at the beach and outdoors with our kids, and let’s face it – getting anywhere with young children in tow is rarely fuss-free – and we found there was a gap in the market for high quality products that didn’t compromise on aesthetics.

Cue Easterly and our first brainchild – The Pull-About Cart!

THE PULL-ABOUT CART ~ For time better spent

With the sheer quantity of non-negotiable items, we were traipsing to the beach every day not going anywhere – we tasked ourselves with working smarter not harder – and so began the interviewing every beach cart on the market.

They just weren’t up to scratch.

They capsized on stairs, were sluggish at best in sand and at worst became lodged and completely immoveable – leaving us to carry the cart plus the contents and somehow keep eyes on three excited and quick kids - bolt onto a crowded beach.

It wasn’t just the beach where we needed a cart though, our Saturday mornings are spent at the farmers markets to feed our brood for the week, picnics, waterfalls and camping when we could get away. Each “multi-functional” cart we tried lacked functionality – and let’s be honest - style.

And so, a durable, compact, all-terrain utility cart became the brief - and if we couldn’t find one – we would make one.

THE PROCESS ~ Form and function

We sourced an industry leader in industrial product design based in Byron Bay and began working with them to bring our vision to life.

Over two years we rigorously tested multiple prototypes, considering every element with a fine-tooth comb – from the material of the frame to the wheels, the fabric, and ergonomics of the cart itself.

It had to be durable.

It had to be compact.

It had to let us adventure, unbound.

EASTERLY ~ Was born for explorers and wanderers at heart 

Our Pull-About Cart – the first of many Easterly products inspired by adventure and designed to be thoughtfully functional, really does exceed even our expectations.

We are so excited to share The Pull-About with you – we know you will love it as much as we do.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us, where the ultimate goal is to live unbound.

Eliza Jordan

Easterly Founder


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